Rose Moon Earrings
Rose Moon Earrings
Rose Moon Earrings
Rose Moon Earrings

Rose Moon Earrings

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This pair of moon earrings was created using sterling silver, moonstone and pink chalcedony. Features hoops to represent the full moon cradling a pink chalcedony stone and hand-stamped crescent moon set with milky moonstone right beneath it. Silver is matte textured so the stones can shine! Perfect gift for the selenophile/moon-lover in your life!

Chalcedony is a stone sought for its color and opaqueness, mythology and metaphysical properties. It is highly associated with fostering creativity, confidence in speaking, and is most commonly associated with the throat chakra. Pink chalcedony in particular is thought to foster friendliness and a childlike, playful disposition.

Moonstone is highly sought for its pearly sheen, mythology and metaphysical properties. The Romans believed moonstone was formed by beams of moonlight, and its lunar lore has endured through the ages.

*This listing is for ONE pair of earrings per purchase.

Every metal piece of this pair is made with sterling silver and some parts oxidized for a weathered look.

Pink Chalcedony - 9mm x 6mm - Pear shape
Milky Moonstone - 6mm - Round

Total Size of earrings:
38mm x 27mm

21 gauge 925 Sterling Silver sheet, 11 gauge wire, serrated bezel wire, earring hooks