Evil Eye + Onyx Necklace
Evil Eye + Onyx Necklace
Evil Eye + Onyx Necklace

Evil Eye + Onyx Necklace

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Onyx is a variety of quartz called chalcedony, which is formed when silica is deposited in lava gas cavities. This stone is thought to overcome negative thought patterns, increase confidence, and is most associated with the throat chakra (creativity and communication).

Worried about being on the receiving end of an evil eye? Turn it back on them by wearing this eye-shaped pendant made with sterling silver and the energy-protecting stone, Onyx.

Hand-crafted with sterling silver and a marquise-cut onyx stone. Hangs from black suede cord, tie-able so you can adjust the length to your liking.

*This listing is for ONE necklace per purchase.

Every metal piece of this necklace is made with sterling silver and oxidized for a weathered look.

Onyx - Marquise-cut 13mm x 7mm

Total Size of Pendant:
3cm x 3cm

925 Sterling Silver sheet, serrated bezel wire, 11 gauge wire, 24 gauge backplate

Black Suede Cord