Astro Personality Profile

Astro Personality Profile

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This report will explain facets of your personality based on your birth chart and its placement of personal planets and rising sign. The personal planets are sun, moon, venus, mars, and mercury.

  • Sun - Your ego, soul purpose, life force, identity
  • Moon - Your inner-world, emotions, comforts, deep needs, reactions, habits
  • Venus - How you love, what you draw pleasure from and are attracted to, your relationship with money
  • Mars - Your drive, desires, passions, the ways in which you assert yourself,  your sexual nature
  • Mercury - The way you communicate and express yourself in the world, your thought process
  • Rising Sign - Your veneer, the way you come across in first-impressions, the way you navigate in the world

Providing an accurate birth time will give you the most out of this report, as I can also outline your house placements.

**At checkout, please provide the following information in the "Add a note to your order" section: 

  • Birthdate (including year)
  • Birthplace
  • Birth time (not required but will give the most accurate moon placement, and I can include house placements as well)
  • Preferred email address for correspondence

Please allow for 48 hours to have your personalized profile completed. Thank you!