Astro-Based Guidance

Astro-Based Guidance

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Have an issue that's pressing you? Going through a life change and need guidance?

Think of your birth chart as a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. As the moon and planets move in the sky every day, month, year, its movements transit (make contact with/trigger) those placements and houses in your birth chart. They often indicate big changes or events, and even small ones that can leave us searching for guidance.

This report will help illuminate what's going on the sky and how it is affecting you personally, and how you can use your strengths (indicated in your birth chart) and supporting planets to help sustain you.

**At checkout, please provide the following information in the "Add a note to your order" section: 

  • Birthdate (including year)
  • Birthplace
  • Birth time (please order this report ONLY if you know your birth time)
  • A short description of what you're looking for guidance on
  • Preferred email address for correspondence

Please allow for up to 36 hours for me to complete your guidance report. Thank you!