Hi! I'm Vashelle, though I often go by Shelly. I am the owner and creator at Revel Designs.

After walking a winding road in search of my creative niche, I found it in silver and stones. I can't help but laugh at myself for not figuring this out sooner.

As an Arizona native I have always had an affinity for rocks. My grandfather, a copper miner, would bring me shoeboxes full of unearthed rocks from his worksite when I was a child. Peacock Ore, Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise—these are just a few that remain in my mind’s eye. I also have fond memories of visiting jewelry vendors at the swap meets in Phoenix and Mesa and being captivated by the silver and Turquoise jewelry crafted by local Native Americans.

Though Arizona was my home base, being an Army brat meant that “home” would come to be many places. I’ve lived everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to an old Medieval town in Germany to the island of O’ahu and many places in between. Acclimating to new places was not always easy, especially as a child. But the earth beneath my feet is what always kept me grounded. Whether it was mountainous dirt, forest soil or beach sand, Mother Earth has been my common denominator, my anchor, my North Star. It is no wonder I would find joy in collaborating with Her again through metals, rocks, fire and alchemy. 

I also work full-time at a non-profit called SARC (Sexual Assualt/Spousal Abuse Resource Center). It is fulfilling to be able to work at a place that makes such a difference for victims and survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking. I'm extremely blessed to make a living off of two things that I love. 

When I am not working or listening to music and smithing, I am spending time with my husband and our three children, exploring outdoors, adopting too many succulents, reading and writing. I love the macabre and have a deep curiosity for all things occult. My dream is either to live in Europe again or live out the rest of my life in an old Victorian home—with a benign resident ghost, of course. 

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to do what I love!